Mental and Linear Vs Magical and Circular

The first time I’ve ever heard of “the linear perspective” was when I was at Standing Rock in 2016. It was at a training orientation meeting for settlers. One of the things they explained to us was not expect things to happen in an A + B = C manner; that there was a specific way that things tended to unfold there.

So, this is a post I have wanted to write for years now. And this post is going to be hella all over the place. It’s about the linear, colonial way of being our culture is steeped in. It’s a critique of linearity in social justice spheres. About the allergic reaction people have to anything remotely new agey. About being out of the “woo closet”. About the false dichotomy of science and spirituality. This post reflects the bridging within myself of these polarities. Like, I remember when I would kinda roll my eyes whenever anyone mentioned chakras, and look at me now — probably the hippie-est new ager out of all of my friends :P

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